SUMAQ ALLPA is a company whose goal is to provide mental and physical well-being, it has the best supplies in the market, and our products are made of a wide variety of materials that have been tested for a long period of time. These materials are felt by senses and work along with energy. Both of them are part of the physical environment.

The aim of our company is to contact people interested in improving their psychic and spirit to balance out body and soul.

Lorena will be grateful to give you information about SUMAQ ALLPA products, so that you can reach health and well-being, identifying what causes you stress, muscles contractions, insomnia, tensions.

We thanked Mother Earth for giving us supplies. In SUMAQ ALLPA we take care of ecology, environment and of the whole planet.

Nature becomes for us a source of health and healing, or inspiration and revelation, the sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, part of the human brain that controls emotion and also has important functions related toi memory.

Aromathrapy is a therapy that promotes health and wellbeing of people taking advantage of the healing properties of plants. Likewise, the essential oils that come from the same meet the needs of the mind, body and spirit.